1. What is the Dual Diploma Program?

It is the junction of the Brazilian and American curriculum. The common disciplines between the two curriculums are validated from the Brazilian curriculum to the American curriculum. The disciplines required by the American curriculum not included in the Brazilian curriculum are taught in the own college, in English, by American teachers, through a virtual environment, with the help of a tutor teacher in Brazil (learning coach).

2. What is the (FLC) Franklin Learning Center?

It is an International Education Center, which has developed a program especially for high school students, which offers the possibility for students take a course with a higher hourly load and at the same time get a certificate Of High School Americano, without leaving Brazil, facilitating the request of a place in an American university At the end of the process the student will receive two diplomas, that is, one Brazilian high school diploma and an American high school diploma. The FLC is located in Tallahassee Florida, with corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a fully accredited school through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

3. What is Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS)?

Franklin Virtual High School is the Franklin Learning Center’s online platform. Franklin Virtual High School, through a partnership with the Brazilian High Schools, offers the opportunity for students to complete and complete high school with an American same time as they attend high school in Brazil.

4. Is Franklin a well-regarded school among American schools?

FVHS is proud to be among the top 10 US online schools of high quality educational, with a totally innovative methodology, for high school students, Interested in having a double degree.


Recognized nationally in the United States and regionally accredited in Florida to Franklin, has worked with over half a million students in the United States, New York, Zealand, China and now installs itself in Brazil.

5. Who is the Educational Effigy?

Effigy is an International Education company established over 10 years ago in Brazil, responsible for representing the Franklin Learning Center in Brazil. A company directed by Dr. Lara Crivelaro, an experienced educator who acted as director and pro-rector of important universities in Brazil. Dr. Lara brought Franklin Learning Center for Brazil with the objective of being able to offer to the Partner Schools the Double Diploma.

6. What is the role of the Partner School

Escola Parceira is the high school that offers its students the possibility of obtaining Dual Diploma through the partnership she establishes with the Franklin Learning Center, intermediated by Efigie. For this, the Partner School must obtain the approval of its Educational program, next to the American institution. The Partner School is also responsible for hiring the Learning Coach and providing physical space for classes and meetings for the students of the Franklin High School Program.

7. What is a Learning Coach?

He is a teacher, chosen by the Partner School and trained by Franklin, who will accompany the students who opt for the Dual Diploma Program and who will act as tutor to the during the teaching process.

8. What are the main advantages of having a Double Diploma?

The United States has more than 4,000 Universities, which admit students from around the world. In this selection process, the best resumes always take advantage. Have one Dual Diploma, Brazilian and American, without a doubt is a great differential. In addition, the ability to develop advanced reading, writing, oral comprehension in English culture, through the study of the disciplines included in the curriculum international high school, composed of courses (disciplines) such as Literature, Composition, Economics, American History and others.

Studying with a foreign teacher, without doubt, enables the Brazilian student, during three a genuine immersion in the English language (listening, speaking, reading, writing), in an environment organized and with a pre-defined curricular proposal and this is another great advantage of the program.

9. Can anyone enroll?

Only students may join the DUPLO DIPLOMA program, from the 8th year of the Elementary school to the 3rd year of high school, enrolled in a Franklin Learning Center. The Brazilian partner schools of Franklin obtain the approval of their educational programs, together with the american institution, before their students are accepted.

10. Will the course be all in English?

Yes. Proficiency is required for course development. If the student does not master the language, before beginning the compulsory subjects, he / she should attend ESL classes (English as a Second Language). Just like a stranger who does not dominate English and enroll in an American school, Franklin High School students will receive all necessary support to enable them to successfully complete High School.

11. How is English assessed?

Upon enrollment at Franklin High School, the student will be tested for English prior to start the course. This test will indicate the level of proficiency of the student’s language and the not the ESL (English as Second Language) course, before starting the required subjects.

12. A student who chooses to attend Franklin Learning Center High School must to continue an extracurricular English course to be able to follow the lessons?

We recommend that you do not. Students do not need courses at an English language school because Franklin Learning Center already offers the ESL (English as Second Language) course, which all the needs of a good English course. The purpose of a high school course is to enable the student to have a greater command of the English language in the written field, understanding, speaking and reading.

The time spent in English courses outside the partner school should be used with the classes, activities, and exercise at Franklin.

13. How will it be for students who have sufficient proficiency in English in the initial test Do you need to attend the ESL (English as Second Language) course?

Students, who already have proficiency, will be exempted from ESL, Compulsory subjects.

14. What is the investment to get a high school diploma?

The value may vary, since the number of compulsory subjects is defined from the analysis and approval of the subjects that the student attends in the Brazilian partner school. For a regular student, which starts its program in parallel with its high school program and High school subjects in 3 years, the cost is 36 installments of $ 300.00. For discharge of the program in up to 2 installments, Franklin High School offers special discounts.

15. How is the diploma issued?

The Diploma is issued by Franklin High School and sent the original document to the school with the validation of the subjects that the student studies in the Brazilian high school in complement with the subjects studied at Franklin High School. When you finish high school Brazilian and all required US subjects, will be issued the High School Diploma, valid throughout the American territory. The student will also receive an American subjects where all credits will be recorded.

16. Is the course approved / recognized?

Yes. All Franklin High School courses are approved by SACS. In addition it is

Accredited and accepted by all major colleges and employers in the world. Franklin Virtual High School is a recognized and accredited national and regionally in the USA as a high school distance education through SACS-CASI

(Parent company – AdvancED). AdvancED is recognized by colleges and employers as one of the top 6 accreditation agencies in the United States and is the parent organization of the (NCA ALMOST) North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, (SACS CASI) Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and more recently by the (NWAC) North West Accreditation Commission.


  •  Accredited by SACS
  • BBB Rating A +
  • CEEB School Code # 102457
  • FL Department of Education # 5466
  • Courses with NCAA

Franklin’s official accreditation can be found at this link:


There are six regional accreditation organizations that are recognized by the of US Education.

These are the most important accreditations:


17. How will the classes be?

The courses are taught by foreign teachers, English-speaking Virtual environment, in classrooms located within the Partner School and with the support of a local teacher (learning coach) who will play the role of tutor of the class. All courses are monitored by Franklin High School teachers in the United States, who are also responsible for correcting all the lessons and tests of the students. The average workload to be waived weekly is 6 hours, from the 9th year of elementary school to the second year of teaching Medium.

18. What technological resources will be needed for the course?

The student must have a computer with camera and internet access. These are offered by Franklin High School.

19. Do I need to buy books?

No. All content is online.

20. How long is the course?

The student must fulfill from 4 to 6 semesters, depending on the need of the English course, ESL (English as Second Language), and the approval of the Brazilian school curriculum that the student is enrolled. The normal progression is 16 to 18 weeks per semester module.

Student can determine the pace of studies, it is perfectly possible to complete a module semester in 3 or 4 months, provided that the student fulfills all the objectives of the course. Besides that the student can do more than one subject simultaneously, or even use the vacation in Brazil to advance his studies of High School, because the Franklin is available 365 days per year. 

Regardless of the student’s pace, the diploma will only be issued after the conclusion of both Brazilian and American programs.

21. How is the student evaluation system?

Teachers will evaluate students by various means. Written tests, projects and verifications are part of the evaluation toolkit. The materials are divided into

Modules and chapters, and the student is continuously evaluated. This progress is accompanied by the teacher, who will make the necessary interventions. The records notes and concepts, as well as teacher observations, are available for both the student and the parents and the monitoring of this information are fundamental to the success of the course. Also all activities, access and student participation in the course are registered and can be verified at any time.

22. What is Proactive Support?

Franklin monitors student progress at all times and student is doing tasks and activities. If the student needs additional assistance, simply click on the HELP icon on the platform and leave your doubts. Within 24 hours a teacher will contact you and answer your question.

23. After registration, how long does it take to start the course effectively?

The normal term is 24 hours, but the date and the calendar depend on the Partner School.

24. How do the parents follow the progress of the Dual Diploma Program?

Parents will be able to track students’ progress online in order to stay current on the progress of students and to strengthen ties between the Partner School and International project.

25. What is my obligation in the online course?

The student should attend the scheduled activities, in the same way that he / she attends the activities in Brazil. The difference is that the student can decide on the weekly and how long you want to complete the story. This schedule is planned, with the guidance of the tutor tutor of the Partner School before the start of activities. Once established the study plan, it is the student’s obligation to comply with what was planned. The Franklin’s teachers and the Learning Coach will follow the progress of the student. It is always possible to redo programming and justify some should be for just cause, just like in regular school. The secret of success is discipline!

26. Are Franklin’s teachers American?

Yes. All courses are taught in English, by American teachers or native speakers. English-speaking countries, graduates, to ensure that students are receiving the same high quality education as if they were studying in the United States.

27. Will I have contact with other students from other parts of the world?

Part of the high school experience is that you other parts of the world and get collaboration between all, receiving help from teachers and becoming part of the classroom. At Franklin you can connect with different students to carry out a group work, for example. Everything monitored by american teachers.

28. Does Franklin offer Advanced Placement (AP) materials?


Yes. Franklin High School offers advanced materials for various areas of knowledge. An AP course is a college-level learning experience, and gives credit to students who may be used in college. Take an AP course will require a great investment of time and effort. Once the Course of Advanced Placement (AP), will constitute a great differential in relation to the knowledge of the student and consequently in the improvement of their curriculum.



29. Does Franklin offer other courses?

Yes. Please check our website.

30. What are Summer Classes and Recovery Classes?

The Summer School is a condensed format class, offered only on vacation and is designed for students who have done the lesson before or have never seen this material. At recovery classes are disciplines that are available year round and are for students who have already done the discipline before and want or need to improve their grade and knowledge about subject.

31. How can I prepare for admission to an American University?

Franklin also offers the preparatory programs for the SAT and ACT tests, two tests which are crucial for admission to US universities. Interested students in preparing for these tests may choose to attend the preparatory programs.

These Programs do not belong to Partner Schools. Can be purchased individually directly with Efigie. Contact us to get your access through our website.


32. Where is Franklin World Headquarters?

East Coast: 545 E. Tennessee St Tallahassee, Florida 32301.

West Coast: 16427 N. Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, Arizona 85254.

Franklin Virtual High School

School Code: 5466

District: Leon

City: Tallahassee

State: Florida

33. How can I indicate my school to be a partner school?

Visit website: 


Click Contact. Leave your data and soon a representative of Effigy will enter Contact you.